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Bedini Battery ?

Hello to the group,

My name is Mike, I started researching these materials very recently, glued to the computer, reading and watching experiments from so many of you for the better part of the last two months. I feel like I just woke up.

Am I understanding these behavioral concepts right ?

The collapse of the pulse triggers a higher voltage potential in the exciter coil. This potential is then opened against a dense receiver of charges (the battery).

The charges rush into this potential from everywhere it can, from the wires, from the battery, from the air, from the ground.

The polarization of the battery's relatively large reaction cross section draws much of the charges into this space. The effect can also be seen outside of the battery as well, acting like a gas, drawing charges into it.

If this is correct, what sort of battery would be the most efficient at receiving negative energy, of being a conduit for these charges?

This question may be off-topic but is anyone working in this area or interested in it?
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