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Originally Posted by Mad Scientist View Post
Found this on another forum and thought it might be of interest here. It is this link to a bunch of alternative treatments for different types of cancers.

Alternative Cancer Treatments (the Cancer Tutor Website) (There is lots to read.)

It would appear that cancer is not this big scary threat that it is made out to be. Now of course from a conventional medicine stand point these alternative treatments have two very serious flaws, which are, one they typically dirt cheep and two they they have been known to actually cure the patient.

Sort of interesting that the oldest, and most proven alternative to allopathic medicine, Hoxsey, is not on that massive site.

Not saying that any of those don't work well, they very well might.

BUT, does anyone on this forum, or at that site listed above, does ANYONE here know hundreds of people cured of cancer? Not a few, not a dozen, or maybe even one???

I personally know hundreds that have been cured by Hoxsey....if someone else knows a bunch cured by some other method...please share.

I know that hundreds of people on this forum have had friends or relatives hit by cancer.

Why is there so much talk on here about all these different cures?

Do you think I am crazy?

Do you think all the testimonials HERE are made up?

Seriously, why are people searching for water when they are standing knee deep in a fresh clean flowing stream???

I am not ranting (well, maybe a little ), I seriously hope I get some feedback, cause I really don't understand.

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