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Smile Stem Cell Health and change of life Modules

Hi Rin,

I did a little research about Endometriosis and Fribroids:

For Fibroids I found this:

The Estrogen Connection
When women are in their forties, their fibroids may undergo a growth spurt in response to a change in hormone balance. At this time in your menstrual life, you often produce more estrogen than normal, because progesterone, the ovarian hormone that inhibits the effects of estrogen, is diminished. Some doctors may see this common fibroid growth as an indication for surgery and will needlessly alarm patients with the news that "we have to do something, your fibroids are growing rapidly." Once you understand that this hormonally stimulated growth can be considered normal at this stage of life, you will see that there is no cause for concern. At menopause, when the ovaries stop producing estrogen, fibroids will stop growing. In time, they may shrink and, sometimes, disappear.

For Endometriosis I found this:

Since the cause of endometriosis remains unknown, a treatment which fully cures endometriosis has yet to be developed, and there is no overwhelming medical evidence to support one specific type of endometriosis treatment over another.

Most researchers agree that endometriosis is exacerbated by oestrogen. Subsequently, hormonal treatments for endometriosis attempt to temper oestrogen production in a woman's body and thereby relieve her of symptoms.

Stem Cell Health

Increased stem cell health and abundance
Increased Cytokine efficiency - They are particularly important in both innate and adaptive immune responses. Due to their central role in the immune system, cytokines are involved in a variety of immunological, inflammatory and infectious diseases.
Increased inter-cellular communication
Increased effectiveness of progenitor cells - Ancestor cells that can restore function in tissues damaged by disease
Change of Life Module

Stimulate ovary health
Balance estrogen/progesterone/testosterone levels
Calm physical body
Increase serotonin production/absorption
Increase calm feelings
Increase all opioid peptide production/absorption
Increased confidence
Increased sexual desire
Increased estrogen/progesterone production/absorption

These two modules will indeed help with your two issues especially what I highlighted in purple. If you can get on both that would be Ideal. I know that CEM can help with the pain and discomfort. I am going to make corrections for the 10 days of discomfort that you are talking about. You will have to keep me informed when and if you feel the pain again. Since this has been happening to you monthly.

This way we can monitor your results better. I will do more corrections with each post in which you explain what you are feeling at the time. I need feedback, good feedback is great, but I also need to know feedback even if it is not so good too.

Thank you Rin for being so courageous and allowing all to learn and benefit from this challenge you are facing. I am with you all the way!!
Private Energetic Corrections by Grace
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