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minerals and health

Yes, then they add a few back in to enrich it and with all this processing, it is cheaper than buying the unaltered natural product with little to no processing...go figure! The re-mineralization of mass areas of land will probably accomplish more good "trickle up effect" lol, than almost anything else.

I have used liquid ionic sea minerals for over 10 years and can give plenty of testimonials personally and with friends and family of the wonders they provide.

The first results I had was that I had some tachycardia (or similar) off and on for as long as I can remember (from about 1996-7 and back). Sometimes, it would be so bad I had to lay on the ground in fetal position because I felt I was going to have a heart attack or something. I started taking some liquid ionic minerals/trace minerals and after about 3 months, I noticed I didn't have another attack. After that I may have had 1 and that was all in the last 10 years. Absolutely convinced it was nothing but trace mineral deficiency.

Neighbor's wife's leg was always swollen and looked like she had edema. She took the same trace minerals and after 1 week, her leg was 100% normal looking and no pain.

I can go on and on and on, but the trickle up effect from minerals will have many major impacts on society such as medical, mental & physical health and more.
Aaron Murakami

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