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Cool Smoking

Hi Rin,

Thak you for your lovely post. I am so glad Chinese Energetic Medicine was able to help!

Hi Barb,

While I was at one of my workshops with Yuen, a person asked him a question concerning cigarette smoking. "Is cigarette smoking bad for you?"
she asked. Yuen's Reply was "If you think it is bad, it will be".

I am sure there are many cigarette smokers, and pipe smokers that would love to get confirmation that smoking will not harm you. That it indeed "warms the heart"! The trick though is to really believe that it won't harm you.

In the collective consciousness in this time and space, there are more people that believe that smoking WILL harm you than not. Long ago there were no chemicals and poisons placed into cigarettes. But now there is just too much damaging evidence that smoking is harmful because of these additives. For this reason correcting someone to stay healthy while smoking cigarettes may be challenging, but I have to admit I have never tried.

I have recommended to people who do not want to stop smoking to buy organic cigarettes. All natural if you will.

So long ago I am sure that Pipe smoking "warmed the heart". In fact Peyote did a lot more than warm the heart!! Several seventeenth-century Spanish Jesuits testified that the Mexican Indians used Peyote medicinally and ceremonially for many ills!

You are not asking me about Peyote, I know, but my point is at that time I am sure tobacco smoking would have warmed the heart. Now I don't think for too many people it will. I feel the best I can do with CEM is correct you for becoming "strong in health" when and if you smoke. This would be difficult to monitor, and I would not want you to take any chances with your well being.

If you must smoke do things to help you believe that it will not harm you, like smoking organic natural tobacco. Make sure the paper used is also chemical free etc. Cool Question!
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