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Cool Great Posts!


You and Jure are so right to mention the damage that soda can do. It not only dehydrates you which is bad enough, but it is loaded with chemicals. Diet Soda is even worse.

Water is a must, ALWAYS! Our systems are made up of water. If your body has less than 50 percent water in it then you are most likely DEAD!! A newborn is over 90% water, after the age of 25 we are around 75% water.

If you do not stay hydrated you will suffer many ill side effects. Aging more quickly, Back problems, Alzhiemers, digestive disorders, headaches, migraines, hair loss, toxicity, and the list goes on!!

To stay alive we need oxygen first without it we will die within minutes, water second, and third food, but we can go months without food if absolutely necessary.

WATER, WATER ,WATER!!!! Let's here it for WATER!!
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