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I read this a few days ago and had so many thoughts and so little time I did not comment.

Still short on time, but wanted to share a few thoughts.

EEEK, even as I start there is so much.

Well, I'll plunge right in.

I do not believe Energy Healing is the answer to ALL problems, but certainly quite a few benefits can be seen from Energy healing.

Even as I type that...what is Energy Healing?

PATHS is probably called energy healing by a lot of people, it works by communicating to the subconscious in the language of the subconscious which is NOT vibrational or frequency based.

The EPFX/SCIO also falls into the category of "energy healing" but it communicates with the body primarily via frequencies.

I have seen PATHS and EPFX be extremely effective, but they operate via very different principles, even though they both could fall under "energy healing".

I am also familiar with TT, EFT and Healing Codes, they also fall under "energy healing" and have also demonstrated some success. However, they operate under yet other principles!

What is GOOD NEWS is that more and more quantum reality is gaining acceptance by more and more of the public.

"PATHS is the next generation of energy healing!" This is a statement I wholeheartedly agree with!

My experience, and observation of others experience, has proven to me that there is no other modality that come close in consistency and economy to the benefits experienced by the vast majority of PATHS users.

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