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I have been thinking about this topic since it was posted. The more I think about it the more it pisses me off. Like so man other topics that show real potential. Here is a technology that shows, yet again, that there are ways to do things to really help. But the GOVERNMENTS wont allow it. WTF!!??

In the states if a semi is found using the "off-road diesel" fuel they will be fined. Harshly. really? because the gov didnt get their piece. This like other valid technologies techs should be fully utilized. If our govs were really concerned with global warming and a green movement they would be giving grants to some of these people. Not fining those that use them. Why dont every state building in America have Solar cells on their roofs? At least a few doing something. Especially if the Govs are really that interested in global warming. They should actually be doing something!! not penalizing the intelligent and industrious.
I had a discussion with a friend. If tomorrow i invented a device that sat on my kitchen table and ran perpetually and produced copious amounts of energy and powered my house. I dont think the masses would even raise an eyebrow. The sheeple have been brain washed into thinking it takes large corporation to make energy. The same large corps that are constantly villanized. The gov would try to discredit you or shut you down if you succeeded in doing any of it. Why? Because they cant tax it. They cant get their grubby greedy fingers in it and tie it up in beurocratic BS and red tape.
I am sick of them (the very few) telling us (the very many) what we can and cant do. Most of the world is a "free" place to live. I can understand some safety concerns. But really if Jetjis wishes to make his own energy and blows himself up (not that you will Jet) then that is his problem. It is his CHOICE.
Keep up the good work. EVERYONE. Show them that we are the ones that make the world go round. We need and deserve these techs. Not to be taxed to death for using them. Happy new year. Sorry to take this thread away from it focus. This is a great technology that Jet and his friend have devised. Congrats
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