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science fair project

Originally Posted by Jetijs View Post
Hi all.
I made a 3d cad drawing of the reactor, lid, cage, brick ring and outer barrel assembly. You will need edrawings software to view the file, you can download it for free here:
eDrawings - 3D and 2D CAD Viewer and Publisher

After that you can view the assembly in 3d and make parts transparent to see what is behind them. Hope this will help to understand the design better. The hollow part between the brick rings and outer barren should be stuffed with glassfirber insulation. Here is the drawing file:

pyrolysis reactor assembly.EASM

Ok, I've always preached to my son not to get distracted from the task at hand. now I strayed from the Farris Wheel thread and you have managed to completely distract me!
This is the simplest method we can find on this subject - AWESOME!
and thank you for sharing so freely.

My son is at the beginning of a Science fair project for his school. do you think this could be replicated on a small level using a pressure cooker modified w/ a steel/iron pipe into a class jar on an electric stove top?
is the bubbler at the end being used to capture excess fumes, or can it be eliminated?
we're getting ready to try it and are hoping for any tips/insight you might be willing to hand out for our mini experiment.
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