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Hi C'man
The minimum temperature would be around 300 degree celsius, but it works much faster and better at around 400 degrees. Our current device produces around 5 liters per hour and the process takes around 4 hours, so 20 liters total. The tighter you pack the plastic, the more efficient. The time is the same no matter if your container is full or half full, so the more you can put in, the better. I use shredded plastic and so I can put around 25 kg of shredded plastic in a 50 liter tank. I am not sure about solar, probably not a good idea as the heat source is no reliable, as you get the heat up, you don't want it to drop considerably until the process is finished, because that would solidify all the melted plastic into a big blob and this would the take forever to remelt. Solar would probably work on very small quantities. Also the type of plastic is important, you can use only plastics that have pure hydrocarbons in them and nothing else, such as polyethylene and polypropylene. PVC should not be used as it contains large amounts of chlorine that is very toxic and would corrode the metals in your reactor. Also PET bottles are no good as they contain additional oxygen and we need the process to be in non oxygen environment. So only use plastics that contain only carbon and hydrogen.
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