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Thanks bugler

I forgot to mention that this is not entirely my project because I don't have much time for it, the work was mostly done by my friend at my shop, I just helped him. This is a very big step forward from my tire pyrolysis project few years back and it would not get this far without my friend
All the info will be shared, nothing will be kept to us. It is time to make a change. This thing is what almost everyone can make in their garage in the scale he can afford. Sure it is not free energy, but it is a damn cheap one that you can make yourself and the best part is that you get rid of the plastic waste in the process making it environmentally friendly. Some others that are working on this tech keep every detail in secret, and Japanese units are so damn cheap that most of people decide that this is too expensive and complex to build by yourself. But it is not!
It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.
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