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Using Wind or Solar to compress the air, would be the key i think.

It is an "Alternative Storage Device" to batteries.... what it loses in total Energy Efficiency (and i think that is less than some would realize), it could at least partially make up in other ways... such as lowering the requirement for large amounts of batteries; or heavy duty (and much more expensive) high current Inverters, chargers, and controllers.

If you had the compressor running all day from solar panels, you could partially heat your Service Hot Water Tank with it (at or least use it with a Temper Tank to help i guess).

At night, you could use it to help cool the house in the summer as the stored air was being used, or for food refrigeration.

Plus, in the future there may be more clever and unique ways found to use the expanding air than simply running a conventional Air Motor with it to power an alternator... who knows

Tata Motors in India is mass-producing a car now, based on the designs of Guy Negre. You could use this solar or wind generated compressed air to power a vehicle.... lol if air powered vehicles are EVER ALLOWED INTO THE UNITED STATES or the country you live (they currently ARE NOT ALLOWED in the U.S.).

If what we have heard about the "MYT" engine from Raphael Morganto is "true"... it also makes a highly efficient air engine with more torque per volume than other designs. This added torque would make the equation much more on the "positive" side when using the air to generate electricity under load.

Air has some maintenance problems associated with it, "condensation" being the worst, probably. So does every tech i've ever heard of though, lol.

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