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a few questions

i've got some questions regarding the SG. Im currently trying to improve my current design. But i need to know a bit more about winding coils.

How do you actually wind it? lets say i'v got my twisted wire, and i've got my spool. I'ts really hard to go from left to right in one go, When i try stacking up the wire it wants to fall off to the side. And as far as i know i cant go back and forth winding it, because that will not result in a north and south pole. Is it possible to wind a thin layer from left to right, then go straight back and repeat the process?

also i noted something very weird. When i connect a neon bulb to the charging output, only one of the filaments in the bulb lights up, is that normal?

if the charge output lights up a neon bulb, is that proof of the motor being in sync? I personally think rpm has to go way up?
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