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motor info


I tried unscrewing the nuts from the top center screw but the screw turns with it. There are 2 screws underneath the rotor and I'm not sure I can even do this without having to unmount it from the base so I'm not going to do that.

If I was going to redo one of these motor styles, I would actually just modify a muffin fan so at least you get work from the rotor like blown air.

It would be such a shame to tear apart a good reel to reel to get these motors...especially if they're from the 1970's because they're such good quality players.

I just found some pics of some reel to reel motors and they look different from the one I have. I'm not 100% sure it came from a reel to reel. I thought it did.

3191D or 3191O or 31910 is a number printed on top. The 9 'could' be an 8. I couldn't find reference to it online.
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