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The "h" wave form

Its amazing the small things in your everyday life which bring a smile to your face. Im at work right now (at a hospital) and I was just called to help a patient in Intensive care. While prepping him for his physio I happened to glance across at his monitor and something stuck out at me. The "h" waveform. The spike wasnt as pronounced (maybe cause this guy needed a tune up, little more resistance at the base ) but it was there, his body was pulsing like a bedini circuit.

It occured to me that nature should be all the inspiration we need to study and understand energy. Is there a better example of an efficient machine other than the human body? God (for those that believe in him) surely knew what he was doing when he designed us.

I find it appropriate that Bedinis oscillators produce a waveform that closely mimics the human pulse. A case of art mimicking nature? Its moments like this that make you truely appreciate what you are trying to learn/grasp.
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