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Originally Posted by Rod74 View Post
Hello Dr. Stiffler,

I've only been a reader of this forum for awhile and this is my first post. I was disabled retired from the military and became unable to work..the only thing that has kept me sane is Lidmotor and Jonnydavro and I've been watching their videos teaching myself circuitry since I can't do anything anymore.

This technology you are working with, the US Navy is currently working on. They have someone in California under a Navy Contract using the John Kanzius method of turning salt water into burnable hydrogen. They are trying to use the Fischer-Trospche process to turn those carbons (CO2)/hydrogen into jetfuel/diesel. I suspect the new Ford Class Aircraft Carrier may use it's nuclear reactors and make it's own jetfuel using the process.

I have been following this technology and there have been 2 explosions at the labs where people are working on this in California.

I do not think you would be able to patent anything in this realm since the Navy is involved (National Security). Be extremely cautious. I would no longer discuss this technology in the public forum.

Read the bottom of this link:

Fischer–Tropsch process - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Be careful Doctor. This sort of technology has many enemies foreign and domestic and would threaten peoples wealth.
Hi and welcome, I would be interested if you know anything more of the experiments that the navy are doing as this may be involving the work I have been doing for many years. If you do not want to post anything here please PM me on this forum with an e-mail address so as we may talk. If you want to see what I am talking about go to the none electrolytic splitting of H2O thread.

The work of Dr. Stiffler is on a similar basis to mine, similar on the basis that we use HF to break the water molecule and not electrolysis.

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