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Thumbs up Matrix Energetics success stories

I have been playing with Matrix Energetics for the past year and a half and have taken 7 weekend/week long classes with practitioner certification. Everyone in our clinic is now Matrix Energetics Certified. In short, this has completely and irreversibly changed my life. The successes are so many and some our on our blog at but some quick ones; I've seen lifelong depression/anxiety/environmental sensitivities go away in my clinic with a new client in 3 sessions. I've seen my clinically delusional mother; my own mother, no longer delusional and my sister saying "mommy is normal" she's 72 years old!. I've seen a young suicidal man with OCD and severe abdominal and other men's health issue pains, who no longer has any symptoms or signs of any of this. He recently texted me to ask "does matrix energetics cause you to be happy, because I'm just happy but for no particular reason" I've seen our practice switch from an insurance based model to a thriving cash based practice.

I'm no longer working but play everyday and everyday is a surprise. I no longer plan anything and now see how the universe wants to play today.

I recommend Matrix Energetics and Richard Bartlett and his whole team and classes and my only advise is "just take it because it's mid blowing fun" words that were first offered to me by Kim Burnham who turned us on to matrix energetics.

feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions
Mission Hills Physical Therapy - San Diego, CA
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