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Stingo Colloidal Gold Generator

Originally Posted by sucahyo View Post
I never try making colloid but maybe this help.
A belated thanks is in order for your outstanding helpfulness, Sucahyo!

The more I get to know Peter Lindemann, the more I like him! In his mystical talk about the Sun & gold relationship...he speaky my language!

I gave his alchemical method a try, but found it difficult to focus sun through a magnifying glass on gold wire under water. The water adds optical distortion and the sun always moves. I did, however, experience a boost from the water produced...but this is highly subjective. I also noticed that when I did successfully focus a beam of sunlight on the gold, it reflected back a red light.

His mention of using solid state oscillators for electrolysis did inspire me to apply your Stingo circuit to the task of colloidal gold production:

Stingo Solid State Battery Charger

- Godfrey
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