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Nice find..

Indeed, nice find Gary.

Thanks for posting!

Enjoy your experiments! I would suggest also building an amplifer to amplify the sig gen signals. You can then directly power coils and devices & tune into resonance...

Resonance is key! Yes! Suggest going back study Mr Dollards LMD networks. Focus on the concept of the propagation of dielctric field being in space conjunction with the magnetic field, or both energy fluxes sharing the same axis of propagation, if you will. This is essential as I have found in some basic experiments.

Sometime soon (in the new year) I will hopefuly post some experimental examples of what I'm trying to convey here.
- Remember the "8 commandments" given from E.P.D. / T-REX.

@T-Rex, (if you still browse the forum here),
I am sorry for my (past) complete ignorance of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. He is indeed on par with Tesla himself, as far as experimenting.. Only with music. There hasn't been a musical experimenter / composer / master like him since. The topic is as big as Tesla himself & also related in many ways, as I find myself discovering..

Eric.. please talk to us again.

-Regards Michael-

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