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Originally Posted by nvisser View Post
I like your *thinking*

About a self runner. I think that bedini/cole bipolar circuit that triggers with a read switch could work.There they use the trigger coil as gen coil and feed the power back to battery during off time. Much like the watson machine. Then we could use the smallest rechargeable battery to get test results sooner. We don't need to pop back once a revolution but could wait till the capacitor reach 31V and pop it back much like John Bedini does on his ferris wheel, using a 32v zener and maybe a solid state relay or two transistors or scr.I am not to sure if this back popping method is the best when using the same battery.
I only arrived home today and pack my kit out an hour ago. I think I will try this circuit on it.
I would like to thank John Bedini and his team for what they brought to the table.
Also I need to thank Mathew, Bits and Dave for helping me out after my credit cards, money and drivers license got stolen at Seattle airport. Without you guys I would have been lost!!
I think we have to go sit down and re think the way we were experimenting and start all over doing it the "Non Linear" way. I am not to sure how we will do that but I am sure we will get there.
Example of non linearity was. The Watson machine having 8 coils and only seven magnets. (I wrongly thought it was to reduce cogging or drag)
And the second example was the 2 steel plates bent at different angles on the sides of the big coil like magnetic shields or something.
Oh and also the smaller neo magnet mounted scew on the inside of the huge ferrite magnets!
Also The smaller coils at the bottom were different distance from the big coil in the center one about a 1/4" further away and one about a 1/4" closer
Well No Tape-measure handy just best guess.

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