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Originally Posted by Spokane1 View Post
My take on the Bedini conference Ė bits and pieces for the first day:

The Saga of the Motor Kits
The idea of having a handís on kit was a great idea that unfortunately fell upon the hard on the rocks of reality. By 4:00pm the kits were being re-bagged up and set on the floor while people engaged in conversation that was more productive than building incomplete kits without proper tools and documentation. If there is a follow up convention with a hands on session (which I would certainly attend) Iím sure several procedural improvements will be made. This certainly isnít your typical convention.

Spokane I
Hi All
I'm the culprit
A fellow had a copy of the previous 3 poll schematic and I said wow I'd like a copy Please. He allowed me to take it to the hotel staff and make a copy. I thought I would help out and made a bunch and took them to Rick and he had them passed out. Sorry it wasn't realized that their was a different transistor used. Did my best. I opted to have my kit shipped to me as I only had a carry on bag. Worried about having to explain all the electronics parts to airport security. sheash
I did available myself of buying the extra coils and made it home with them OK. I'm ordering the timing cog from truth in heart to complete the learning experience.
I really enjoyed myself. Met lots of people and learned a bunch. I spoke with many of the presenters and asked lots of questions.
I intend to get the info on Johns big wheel when it becomes available and will be going to the July convention.
I want to build an 8' version of johns wheel with 6 sets of the 3 coils like a huge 10 coiler haha. Ambushes huh well wish me luck anyway please.
I'm not sure if I understand it correctly or not but I did talk to John and asked a few questions. The wheel had two separate systems on it that showed two different things and I believe they worked separately like ether/or.
The small 2' inner, was to idle the wheel showing the torque of the 10 coil, right?
The 3 large coil set was the gen so to speak and I believe 14 joule from 3 pulses a second, would be 1209600 Joules a day was figured as posable output. Am I correct in that figure?
I think that would be about 5k watts an hour, is that right?
I heard John fretting that we needed to hurry our inspection of the running system as he was concerned the bats might overcharge and blow sense their were only 3 to take the output, even with the limited rpm they had set.
I'd love to see it at full working RPM wouldn't you all?

The electric Porsche also held my intrust and I spent some time speaking to
and brain picking the teck that had built it. I was asking if he were collecting the back emf off the motor or what and he said well were going to pull all this out and put that big window motor in it next. Thats when the magic will happen.
He spoke of from 150 miles a charge to maybe 450 miles. Now were talking.
I assume he was speaking of the window motor B kit. But I'm not sure on that.
If you ask me the magics already here with off the shelf parts to convert a vehicle and get 150 WOW. I got 3 small size junkers to work with, think I'll have to give it a try. I also want one of those window motor kits - Yah.

Well I'll close and give my opinion - Worth every cent - Great Professional people sharing and having fun. See ya in July I hope.

PS Rick cleared up my concern about all 5 bats charging on my SSG.
Nice to know others have experienced it also.
Best to all
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