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Originally Posted by dyetalon View Post
Great work, guys. I read about the Bedini device on and other sites but never tried to acutally build anything. It's good to meet other experimenters who work at the component level, too.

Wouldn't FET's have less loss than bi-polar transistors? I mean the higher impedance of FET's should increase the efficiency of the circuit overall.

If I understand Bedini's theory, he utilizes the back-emf as a secondary source and adds it back into the primary. ????

Hi Dyetalon,

I've never tried using FET's, I tried to stick to what John recommends, he said bipolars work much better for his machines. After 30+ years of research I guess he knows what he's talking about, especially because we're not dealing with conventional EE energy here.
Many people have tried to do mods that seemed better from an electronical point of view but pretty much failed each time to achieve better results...
You can achieve to feed the input with the output battery wich is rather complicated for different reasons. He's utilizing the potential created by the coil's collapse to trigger the RE event(radiant energy). If you are just beginning to learn this technology I recommend sticking to the basics first as there is a LOT to learn eventough the circuit seems simple.


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