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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
A knowledgeable holistic healer I know and trust did caution me that ingestion of metals can be overdone, and that people with certain body types might react badly to any amount of it at all. So if you haven't tried the gold yet, maybe it's a good idea to experiment with small amounts first.
from someone at davidicke:
"I wouldnt use any zapper made by anyone else and I have bought them all.

I wouldnt use any colloidal silver from anyone else in the world except the "colloidal silver transmuter" made by Joe.. I sell these.the power supply for the sliver transmuter doubles as a zapper.... its tuned to the bodies frequency...

all the other zappers dont understand which hand the negative terminal is held in and so they have a 50% chance of actually damaging the body....

I sell then for US$300

so Joe's colloidal silver transmuter... actually transmutes the water into silver... or more importantly puts the frequency of silver into water.... so there are no side effects like blueing of the skin.

you can kill some virus's by grabbing an electric fence... others by using a Beck zapper...

Joe's colloidal silver maker has 4 silver rods all wired in a special way....

yes just to place silver in the water imparts the frequency of silver in the water which is better than making tiny pieces of silver to drink... the type of water is important even with this rocking silver unit.... I would suggest spring water from the top or side of a mountain that naturally comes out of the ground and tastes sweet"

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