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I never try making colloid but maybe this help.

Originally Posted by Peter Lindemann View Post

Glad to see a discussion of genuine import in these threads!

As for the "Elixir of Life", one such preparation is Colloidal Gold. Properly made, it is the best aid to meditation I have ever experienced. Even some of the commercial preparations are sufficiently active to show the trend of growing "light in the mind".

Since Gold and Sun Light are the SAME SUBSTANCE, the simplest method to make the preparation is to take a small piece of pure gold and place it in a shallow saucer covered with water from a natural spring. Then simply take a magnifying glass and focus a beam of sunlight down through the water to strike the piece of gold. The energy of the Etheric Gold (sunlight) upon the physical gold will produce Liquid Gold, a colloidal suspension of extremely small gold particles in water that is also enfused with the energy of gold (like a homeopathic preparation).

When ingested, this elixir lights up the mind space, making the "meanings of things" self-evident. This is what real "mono-atomic gold" can do.

Alchemy is about the "transmutation" of the base human character into the fully awakened "child of God" by the process of actual purification (not symbolic). It is about bringing "substance" under the complete control of "essence", as spoken in "the old tongue".

As Jesus told his Disciples, it is the "Pearl of Great Price", that when it is found, everything else is sold or disposed of in order to possess it!

But the elixirs are only a catalyst, and ultimately cannot make up for a genuine lack of "true intent" to fulfill the "purpose of Essence" (the Will of God).

A real Alchemist can transmute himself into the Light of Life without any external elixirs.

"He who has an ear to hear, let him hear."


I came accross interesting silver colloid making:
Colloidal Silver Generators | "A Closer Look" by Peter Lindemann
Originally Posted by Peter Lindemann View Post
Hi Amigo,

I built and sold Colloidal Silver Generators for over 10 years. This link takes you to an article I wrote for Borderlands Magazine back in 1997. Its a good background piece.

Colloidal Silver Generators | "A Closer Look" by Peter Lindemann

Please read this article before commenting further. It covers most of the issues you are discussing. I paid for the lab testing for particle size and total dissolved solids, and went back to the Chemistry books from 100 years ago to get the right answers.

I completely agree with Aaron. Particle SIZE is the most important issue. It has to do with two very import realities. First, by making the particles smaller, the total SURFACE AREA of the silver's interface with the environment gets larger. There are also more particles for the same concentration. Second, by making the particles smaller, they can PENETRATE more different kinds of tissue in the body, and get to more locations, producing a better, all around benefit.

Both John Bedini and I have experimented with making Colloidal Silver with his Radiant Oscillators. The particle size is super small and nothing ever precipitates after the solution is put in a brown bottle. The SG motor works fine, but the solid-state oscillators are simpler for this purpose. Use the standard, one diode, rectified output to the silver electrodes in distilled water.

Its cheap, its easy, and the product is excellent.


Radiant energy and electrolysis (ionic/colloidal silver)
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