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thank you both
can I discuss this also...
I have a problem in my head with my neighbour and her projections regarding me...untill 2007 when I was in hospital for the last time I had lived in an illusion that noone knows for me and my psyche I never took myself as an ill person, but after 2007, when the news about my troubles became familiar to wider circle of people (at work,...) I have a problem mantioned in the 1st post and that I have to take my past as something real, somthing that was really happening, as I was hiding this in front of people and myself (betterly said I had never been thinking about my troubles from close but from distance and I thought this is only mine, acctually I had never been thinking about how others see me....which becaame my constant occupation - obssession for the last 3 years....I dono how to help myself----what could be of help..anyone....I think i am really becoming to stop my mind form this thoughts...?!?
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