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There are certainly many talented people here that could help but please
understand that "medical advice" cannot be given on this forum.

If you can find a therapist or counciler in your local area that can help
you with Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Emotional Freedom Technique,
or other similar modalities, you may get some relief from much of the
stress you are under and that is a good starting point.

There are multiple concepts about changing the past from physics to
psychology and the bare bones concept that really helps to free people from
their past is to simply change the perception of the past.

This is not some mind game to pretend that things did not happen as they
did but quite honestly, most people's experiences are almost always seen
or perceived in a way other than what really happened.

You can try this free theater presentation to help lift your spirits, it
actually works quite well but not as well as the paid modules:

Also, try the Pink Noise Schumann Resonance binaural beat soundtrack:
Energetic Science Ministries™ | Resource Library
You MUST use headphones for it to work, it is relaxing.
Just use it once a day whenever you have time for yourself to sit back
and relax.

For relaxation, I like to use a magnesium citrate drink called Natural Calm
and you can find it in most health food stores. I would drink it daily - it
is a powder you can mix with boiling water, let it cool a bit - the people
at your local health food store can tell you all you need to know about it.

If they start recommending all kinds of herbs, or 5htp, etc... forget about
it - just try the MINERALS first as they are more important than any herb.

Also, try taking some epsom salt baths as they are relaxing.

You should get the hint that you need to focus on de-stressing yourself.
Basically - focus on relaxing and calming your entire system.
Aaron Murakami

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