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I watched your video, nice looking coil.
I think that you need to make the big coil work using only one AA battery first, and see if it will light the regular leds. Once you can do that ok, then see what else it can do. You shouldn't need all those batteries (6v) to light your 110 Led lights. I am lighting a 50 Led Christmas Lights Set, off of one dead AA. It would probably would light 100 leds or more with one dead battery, when using a one inch coil.
The Ac Led bulbs require much more Current than you are giving it with the Jt. Try to connect direct to the bulbs bypassing the components that are inside. I have a couple of AC 16 Led bulb emergency back-up lights, that use a run capacitor inside instead of a battery. Those bulbs will not light from my Jts, unless I connect direct to the bulb.
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