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I am new here and I need some help

Hello everbody!

I am new to this forum. I am 34 years old woman. I have been having big problems with myself and my life. I have been diagnosed borderline personality disorder and was healed in psychiatric hospital for 6 times for the last 12 years. Some of this treatments were very short -14 days. I suffer a lot because of stigmatization. People have wrong and strange perceptions about psychiatric hospitals and treatment in them and people in them. This is why theirr behaviour to me is unappropriate. They treat you as a crazy person. They are rude, insolent and unfair-these are my experience. I am very sensitive to the environment stimulus, energies around me and I feel other people's moods a lot. I am also very sensitive soul. All this makes me really mad (I have never been psychotic), this is not part of me (I mean other people's behaviour), and I cannot be focused on "separating" (in my thoughts) me from others and their problems all the time. I hope you understand what I would like to say. I would like to LIVE. All this suffering brought me to thinking that maybe changing the past in my head would make situation better. I have just read posts here on this forum about changing the past. I am in constant stress and affriad of other people and their behaviour to me, I am affriad of those who know about me and my past. I am affraid that anyone would ask me about my past. This makes me confused about who I am and what I am like. I hope you understand me, partly at least. What is your thinking? What could be of help?
I tried to accept my past as it was, but then I was constantly thinking of what other think of me and I start to think about hospital, analizing all the time....and start to stigmatize myself, shortly, i can't liive like that anymore. Help mee!!! Thank you in advance!!!

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