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Directly Tesla's words

I have tried to spit this out for over a year now....
Reading Tesla somewhere has he was discribing the components, the conceptual values and arangments of one of his expirements, where therein noted very clearly that if RESONANCE should happen the resulting product of the said test would be drastically improved! I have seen Erics videos how to achieve this action.

I am not trying to be flippant about what I think I know. The math is the answer to understanding how to design these power systems. Eric said to visit the Masters and redo there testing procedures to learn the basics before too much confusion sets in with random testing. This means I shut down my lab until I really know what to build? AHHHHH, OK I will try to abide by that instruction.

I believe that adding resonance or maybe coupling it with a parametric amplification is the answer to all this energy synthesis.

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