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Big Bedini Machine

I can only report what I was told, The women in the room felt relief in pain when standing next to the machine. I guess people do not know anything about Scalar Interferometry in magnetic systems. Also I called a woman to the stage to give you a report on what she saw happen, if the energy is good without harm plants go nuts and grow like mad.

If the energy that is emitted from the machine is harmful you end up like Floyd Sweet dead all at once, that is why I stay away from that device Floyd built. I worked with him for 2 years know everything about his device and what could happen if your not careful with negative energy, things just explode for no reason. I had that problem when I was first tuning the machine, so a warning be careful with inter active fields.
And yes I did call everybody up to feel that experience of scalar fields

The machine was set to emit between 6.85Hz to 7.1Hz The rpm of the machine was between 16.5 to 18 RPM's depending on the solar radiation at the time. You could not possibility learn enough about this machine unless you build one that big.

In Jeremy's drawing I will tell you the correction, The center coil is 1/2 the pole piece to the right, the left coil is 1/4 past the pole piece, and the right coil is almost TDC the difference is in the straight on pictures that Tony took at the show. The picture is deceiving because of the magnetic holders. How many were standing around when I slammed the magnetic fields backwards and bounced the 300 lb rotor to a dead stop then full force forward.

Group this is a very tricky machine to build not for the faint hearted, I would estimate the machine at over 3 to 1 The Raytheon boy's said the same thing to me in the hallway.

Originally Posted by sucahyo View Post
Thanks for sharing . Do we need to also put some thought to the wiring?

Do this energy is the same energy that some people feel around the big wheel?

"I think he wanted everyone to feel the energy around the machine. It permeated your whole body! My jacket was vibrating!"
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