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Hello Vaporize and NicZ,

Thank you for all the good info. I re-winded the primary with thinner wire. Now I have less volts on the secondary but it works a little better in terms of the voltage going down. I am not lighting an unmodified CFL only unmodified LED bulb as Jeanna has mentioned. The toroid is one from ebay

FERRITKERN (Ringkern), FERRITE CORE (Ringcore) 78x58x20 - eBay (item 170509165013 end time Dec-02-10 02:21:36 PST)

I made a short video of the problem.

YouTube - Big Joule Thief

I replaced the rechargeable 6v with 4D cells. One or two batteries doesn't give me enough volts to light the bulb.

The resistor in the base is 500ohm, 1K was to big and light wasn't bright even with 6v input.

I would really like to have this bulb working.

Thanks again and hopefully you can give me some ideas on how to improve it.

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