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@ Pentiger:
Can you let us know where you got the 3 inch toroid, (if that was the correct size)?
It think that the reason you are draining the battery too quickly is because you are using an unmodified CFL, and/or 120 volt Led Ac. bulbs. You have to gutt the CFL, and the 110v Led needs to be connected direct to the bulb, and not through the rest of the components that are inside.
I just finished wiring a one inch toroid, as Slayer's video suggested, with a secondary, and was finally able to get my anolog volt meter to get off its ass, and show some voltage. Finally... It was like an emocional orgasm for me, or something like that. Plus, I can now light my 50 Led Christmas Tree Lights Set, on a single dead AA. The system stays totally cool, and no noise is heard. I could not light a gutted CFL with it yet, as the coil probably needs more turns on the secondary. I only did about 250 turns, and ran out of space. In anycase I don't know if there has been anyone able to light a CFL off of a one inch toroid, don't think so... Sure works good for everything else though...
Now I am beginning see some of the magical effects that the secondary circuits on the Jt can produce. It was pretty frustrating at first having no induction at all. The secondary circuit produces radiant pulses at much higher voltage, but without the dangerous electrifing shocks, at least not yet.
Anyways, Pentiger good luck with that big coil, and keep us informed as to how it goes with that.
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