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Originally Posted by redrichie View Post
I am a little confused right now. Isnt this big? John, Jeff, Minoly, and all you guys that have a system like this...GREAT job, keep up all the hard work.
Absoulty this is big! I think folks are starting to get it, albeit slowly. Redrechie, thank you. Now for my viewpoint, we have for many years tried to illustrate there are better methods to produce energy and clean up our environment. Some of these methods still go not being noticed because they are not "Packaged" for the normal consumer. I was asked by some attendee's at the conference the very question of, "When can I buy and distribute this to the world". I had to answer with "This conference is to Teach this technology and if we give in to the status quo, then we are just repeating the very mess that we are in today". Let me explain, if we allow 1 or 2 corporations to secure the right s to these inventions and technology's, then we have just allowed ourselves to be held hostage AGAIN. But, if we teach the world to be able to create and use the free energy, at will and adapted for our own use, we finally can break free. Redrechie, you are right, just imagine your car with a 10 coiler in it as you pass the fueling stations AND the power pedestals for charging. We have shown all this is possible with just a few items at the conference. John's wheel producing over 1.5 million joules of energy, Rick driving a electric lawn mower plus his electric car, The 10 coiler running on its own power and Peter sharing (teaching) the secrets of the Lockridge device and Patrick's latest vid. All I can say is WOW and look out 2011.

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