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Colloidal Silver & Gold

Originally Posted by ecenur View Post
I am using colloidal silver at the moment and I'm really happy with it actually, looking into making it my self when I learn the steps a bit more. I have never tried colloidal gold, but I think I'm going to give it a go in a couple of months to see if that might work better for me.
I've had some good results with both. I've been making the silver colloid myself by the very simple process of DC electrolysis. Just wire 4 x 9V batteries in series making 36V (works as low as 24V too). Then connect the -/+ poles to two lengths of 000 purity silver wire at opposite ends submerged in a jar of distilled water. Wait for a few hours, and you'll have a concentrated suspension of silver in water that will be more potent than most commercial colloidal silver products. The silver wire, though relatively expensive will last a long time and produce gallons of silver water. I want to look into Bob beck's way of producing it too.

Small supplements of it seem to benefit health in general and especially boost immunity. With larger doses, I've cured infections like toothaches in less time than a prescription antibiotic, among other benefits. There's been times, however that a flue got to me no matter how much silver water I administered to myself. I've had quite a bit of success using it topically also. Knocked out an onset of conjunctivitis in an hour by putting drops of it directly in my eyes. Topical applications can be full strength, but oral supplements of it should be diluted quite a bit with more distilled water.

I've tried commercially available colloidal gold as a supplement. For me, the noticeable benefits experienced were mostly mental. I think it helps you think faster. I would also speculate that it benefits the whole nervous system and possibly the heart and circulatory too. I haven't been using it lately simply because of the cost, but as I recall, it helped uplift my mood too.

A knowledgeable holistic healer I know and trust did caution me that ingestion of metals can be overdone, and that people with certain body types might react badly to any amount of it at all. So if you haven't tried the gold yet, maybe it's a good idea to experiment with small amounts first.

I'd love it if someone would post information on how to make colloidal gold at home. So far, I've seen very little info out there about it and the commercial producers lead one to believe that it takes very expensive equipment which involves high voltage arcing.

- Godfrey

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