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Originally Posted by rave154 View Post

thanks for those two vids...unless you have since used those two batts again....can you let them rest a while....and let us know what the two voltages are after a good rest?

for anyone that saw the whole vid, our primary started at 12.57 and in the end of the video it could be seen climbing to 12.59. It climbed to about 12.61 and settled at 12.59 2 hours later. the charging battery settled at 12.94 (interesting behavior, eh) we drained it back to 12.82ish w/ our 76 Bright white LED array for 26 minutes, full on (no joule thief trickery:-) 85mA). we have nothing to prove so we did not bother filming. Thing is, if we leave it to run 24 hours for example, it will not make a complete recovery. If, however, we cap dump to the charging battery, and rotate a set of 3-4 batteries, allowing one to set to rest, you can do this indefinitely as Bit's has shown.
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