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Originally Posted by Inquorate View Post
Just a little update on what i've been working on

YouTube - Joule Theif Evolution; The Eternity Light Project

it's good to be back
Great to see you back I watched your video great! Hows the little one doing ? Tec

@PenTiger I tried a few more times with the 12 volt JT no luck maybe someone here can get it to work ? Tec

I am still Running tests with my 12 volt backup led light and sofar I am very pleased with the results I and running two 20 led modules each with a 47 ohm 1/4 watt resistor for a total of 40 leds I will have more when I receive my shipment of 5mm white leds.I can run them in series has long as I don't go over 4 so on my pc board I have a + pos rail and a - neg rail with the resistor on the - neg rail. this allowed me to add has many leds has will fit on my small pre-drilled board. Tec
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