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I think you found another form of Dr. Stifflers Sgate. I've had a JT circuit running for about an hour now and the input requirement has been falling slowly. It started at 4.5ma and droped very quickly to 4ma then slowly over time to it's present 1.7ma. No noticable change in battery voltage up or down but with that low of power draw I wouldn't expect to see anything.

I did check it with a scope and other than the normal 60hz noise I didn't see anything that jumped out at me.

In another test using a 10v 10000uf cap I found you can light an LED to full bright and it only needs to be tapped with the ground on the case every 3-4 seconds to keep it going with only a 1.5ma "boost" on each tap.

Fun little gizmo ibpointless !
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