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Captret - Perpetual Light with Dead Batteries

Over at i have been working on something i call the captret. Its a capacitor thats been modified to allow you to do things that the textbooks say you can't.

Captret - Capacitor and Electret

A simple video demo of me getting twice the Light from a LED for the price of only ONE charge.


Here is another video of the captret running a LED constantly.

YouTube - Captret LED Driver circuit

But the important thing to note is that when i'm using the "dead" 9 volt batteries the voltage goes down when first connected to the circuit but from there it goes up even though the LED is still connected as a load. The even more crazy part is that my "new" charged 9 volt batteries will drop when first connected to the circuit but keep slowly dropping, and this is what you would expect from any circuit but why does the dead batteries go up?
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