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Originally Posted by PATHS, S.A. View Post

PATHS Breakthrough With New Module

Mind Travel~Retrocausality~Time Synch

We did something a bit different when developing this Module!

10 PATHS Affiliates were the Test Subjects for it and they did NOT know what the Module was about when they were testing it.

They also did NOT know what it was about when they reported results.

(we did this to avoid any "placebo" effects)

What is very exciting is that we are posting the actual communications between PATHS and the Test Subjects so that you can see how the test progressed.

This first link is the actual communication soliciting Test Subjects.

This link is the initial reporting of the Test Subjects when they still did not know what the Module was about.

This link is when we told the Test Subjects what the Module was about. There are also continuing reports from the Test Subjects of what they are experiencing.

This final link shows a bit more communication in the final stages of the testing.

As you will see from reading through these links there are significant themes attesting to the efficacy of the Module in producing:

An Increased sense of Calm

Living much more "in the moment"

Experiencing Synchronicities

Experiencing Life in a More Beneficial Order

This is a powerful Module that can also be a Lot of Fun!

The Synchronicity Module comes in a standard format, or you can request one of 4 options to the standard.It is available now on the PATHS Product page.

dear admin .... what exactly did u mean by "The Synchronicity Module comes in a standard format, or you can request one of 4 options to the standard ??? i didnt really get this part ... what are our two options when ordering this module ?


With Love & Gratitude
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