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Thanks for your reply Rin, it really is helpful when I read your posts, you explain your experiences with PATHS with such clarity.

I'm doing Self-Esteem, Young Again and Ho'oponopono (hope thats how you spell it!!) and really want to add the Syncronicity module but will wait to pay day.

I can really get what you mean by finding your niche where you are through changing conciousness.

On a completely different note Rin, I have changed my Avatar. I had a feeling some people might have thought I was of the female gender but I am very much a man. Still it was an honour to be grouped with those most esteemed and powerful women mentioned

I shall put a more manly avatar there soon so as to not cause any confusion (I just liked the other one because I liked the film Forrest Gump!!)

Terry (all man)
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