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Oh, thank you so much for you lovely comments, Sharyn, Terry, Jessica, Pamela, Viviana, Keoi: they mean so very much to me, especially coming from you wonderful women!

Originally Posted by tezzaa View Post
I was interested in you saying you had found your niche. I have not found mine, and wondered, do you think there is any particular PATHS module that has helped you find yours?
Terry, I hesitate to recommend any particular modules to anyone for such a serious matter as finding one's niche in life. (In fact, part of "finding my niche" has been discovering that I have no right to tell anybody how to do anything!). However, personally I feel that the Self-Esteem, Business Productivity, and the Synchronicity modules have helped greatly in this respect, especially the synergy between the three. It's a very personal thing though, and I would be thrilled to pieces if other PATHS users could chip in on this one. Would you, please?

When I say that I found my niche, I mean that I had a wonderful surprise in store for me jobwise. The big surprise was: I didn't need to change my job in order to do my life's work! All I needed to do was change the consciousness that I bring to my job - to focus on service and what I can do for other people, rather than what they can do for me.

Now, intellectually, I've known the value of "giving service" for years. I'm not stupid, I'm a businesswoman, I knew it was important. And I was trying so hard to do it. It sounded so simple, but it wasn't. I was never able to put it into practice - all I could think about was making money, and getting as much as I could out of my clients, with the minimum of effort on my part. I even regarded them as adversaries. I was really coming from a place of fear. It didn't feel good, but I honestly didn't think I had any choice in the matter.

All that has changed in the last few months. My relations with my clients are delight. Now all I can think about is how to make every exchange a win-win situation for both sides. It's so much more fun that way.

As Pamela says, it's as if years of incorrect thinking has been undone in a matter of months. Now, it could be sheer coincidence that these marvellous, magical changes occurred shortly after I began on PATHS, but somehow I don't think so ...!

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