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Originally Posted by ren View Post
Take it all in buddy, I will be wishing I was there and picking your brain dry when you get back.


You know you are one of the main reasons why I am going! You were one of the first to recommend that I put my preconceived notions aside and simply explore the SG circuits......As you know I took that advice to heart...and now i'm addicted....That being said....whats mine is yours...hopefully they won't make us sign a gag order....if know....we will be discussing what I soak up from this conference for months!

changing the subject a tad.....

Armagdn03 recommended the Bob Beck information, I second that....I'm looking into that information and circuit as well.....He has brought the fight to our level, the tool of choice is as simple as the 555 timer based cap pulser circuit we all have built....a simple mod and you have the Beck zapper/ozone generator/colloidal silver producer........could this big bad bug really be beaten by a 5 dollar pulser circuit? LOL....that would be too sweet....

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