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sorry for the late reply. It turns out that x-ray spectrometry can not detect elements, just compounds such as oxides, hidroxides and others. To see the elements you need a plasma analyser. Will see if I can manage to get access to one. Also according to some channeling info I recently got, the metals in the magnetic water traps are captured there from air. Air is a major component of the system. Remember Bryan said that m state materials are actually created in the mag traps, the air is the key. I made a simple magnetic vortexing rig some while ago, it was a glass jar with some magnets glued around the outside perimeter. There were some magnets on the bottom of the jar and some other magnets glued on a fan beneath the jar. As the fan spinned, so did the magnets inside the jar making a vortex in the water. The jar had a lid and it was closed. After few days of vortexing, the water was still clear and the taste haven't changed. Then I removed the lid and in a few hours I already sterted to see some sediments on the glass walls and the water slowly turned milky. The used water was tap water. Chemists might say that there is much calcium hydroxide in tap water and when it is exposed to co2 in air, it turns to calcium oxide which is not dissolvable in water and that is why the water turns milky. Might be, must test this on distilled water.
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