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Seating is Limited to 500


Yes, there is an upper limit on attendance. The maximum number of people allowed (by Fire Code) in the Conference Room provided is 500. This cannot be expanded at the last minute to accommodate more. People from Europe and Asia are already booking at an amazing rate.

Anybody who wants to attend, especially people in North America, should DECIDE NOW and figure out the details later. If you wait until the last minute, you may not get in.

With this in mind, just remember; LIFE has an uncanny way of supporting COMMITMENT. Once you make a decision, the whole universe starts synchronizing to make it happen. Your decision is the KEY that sets everything in motion.

If you had any idea how much your life would change by attending this event, weighing the costs against the benefits would be "a no-brainer"! We know that the logistical costs of transportation, lodging and meals are much more than the cost of the event itself. That is why the cost of the conference is being kept low. But the opportunity to "spend two days in John Bedini's World" has never been offered before!!!!!!! What's it worth to you?

For those Opting In, I'll see you there.

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