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Spokane & Coeur d'Alene

I live in Spokane. You all will be flying into Spokane International Airport.
If you go the speed limit, you'll get to the Hagadon Resort in about 40 minutes
since it is all the way into Coeur d'Alene. Some resorts/hotels, etc... have
free shuttle service to and from the airport - I'm not sure if Hagadon does
or not.

Coeur d'Alene is a nice little town right on the lake, which is where the
conference is. There's a nice floating boardwalk that goes around the entire
boat docking area. Will be chilly in mid November so bring warm clothes.
Normally in warm weather, there is paragliding, plane rides around the lake,
beach, free music concerts, whatever...etc... Not sure what kind of
things there are in the colder weather.

Aside from the conference, there is a lot of stuff in walking distance from
the resort - shopping, food, galleries, etc... Conference is over at 6pm
both days so there is a night life there. Unless you have a rental car,
probably want to hang around the resort area - again, plenty of stuff
in walking distance. The downtown itself is very small.

If you like Japanese food, Takara's is the place to go. If you like burgers,
check out Hudson's. Neat little hundred year old burger joint. There are
a good handful of classy little joints in CDA. There is something for every

The highway is about 5 minutes from downtown and is about 20-25
minutes to downtown Spokane in case anyone is going to be venturing
out. CDA is definitely a much cozier town.


p.s. on that Gray motor - I know who has it. It is not a free energy motor
and uses a lot of power. It runs very conventionally.
Its only value is as a historical piece and to possibly find clues as to what
the real technology was but this motor is not what everyone has been
looking for - it does NOT solve what the Gray technology was. This can
be discussed in the Gray Tube Replication thread instead of here.
Aaron Murakami

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