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Believe What You Want... but show a little courtesy


You are welcome to misunderstand everything I say about the functions of Back EMF. You are welcome to believe anything you want about how electric motors operate and how your circuit modifies their behavior. I offer my ideas in these threads as a GIFT, not as a new dogma that anyone must believe.

Personally, I find it distressing that you constantly inject your misunderstandings into any thread you wish, even when it is OFF TOPIC, as it is here.

I simply ask you to show some civility and common courtesy in the way you pursue your posts. This thread is NOT THE PLACE to push your argument.

Thank you,

PS. Information presented at the Conference will NOT BE FREE to the people attending, and will not be free to people who purchase the films of the proceedings. The Coeur d'Alene Resort is not providing the Conference facility for free, either. When the food store and the gas station provide their products for free, so will we.

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