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November Conference


Thanks for starting this thread. I was going to start one, but you beat me to it. I know its rather short notice, but for anyone who has the ability to consider coming to this, let me just say the following.

John Bedini has not gone to ANY conferences in over TWO DECADES, so this is a major event, just for that reason. Second, he is planning to show "a big surprise" and that is all I can say about it.

My talk is going to be called "Electric Motor Secrets, Part 2". I am going to explain EVERYTHING I know about how and why Back EMF functions in electric motors, how it masks the real efficiency of these machines, and how to overcome it, even in CONVENTIONAL MOTORS. I am also going to lay out the complete design characteristics of "The Lockridge Device", which is a fully self-running machine.

"Bits and Bytes" is going to be there, also. He is going to discuss his automatic battery swapper system, and I'll bet he may even show some of the working models of his "Tesla Switch".

Rick Friedrich will be there showing people how to build the big, 10 coilers, with multiple working models to play with and study.

Aaron Murakami is going to be there too, but so far, he isn't a scheduled speaker.

Considering that many of the longest threads on this forum are based on these ideas and the work of these people, this conference will be your best opportunity ever to jump to the head of your learning curve!!!

See ya there.


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