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I constructed a pyramid out of copper pipe, with a 2meter square base and phi based measurements and angles. The whole arrangment was placed over my strawberry patch also of 2 meter base. (I designed it so).

I found that the strawberry plants (compared to the control patches) grew much taller & faster. (Some were 45 cm tall)! The plants produced many more flowers and then consequently more fruit. Many more bees were also observed. The fruit was much sweeter & larger than the control patches.

Also I found that our (4) dogs and cat would seem to hang out around the pyramid, birds were also seemed to be attracted. (Maybe to the fruit too)?
The pyramid shape also lent itself to be covered with shade cloth once the strawberries became ripe, as to save them from the birds, sun and other things like lizards that wanted some goodies.

I did also note that one particular corner though contained much more larger beautiful fruit and the opposite corner contained less fruit and they were all a lot smaller & oddly shaped..

Then came the fateful day when the pet cow made it into the area... She pushed over the pyramid and bent the copper pipes and broke the welds in a few places.. She also mowed down the plants back to stubbs and that was pretty much the end of the story..

Now that the pyramid has been broken, none of the previous effects are noted. It is no longer a hang-out area for the animals, and the plants have never fully recovered.

The Pyramid stood for about 3 years where the above observations were made. Maybe I should re-build it!!

Thats my pyramid story..
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