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uhf amplifier

Could this be the type of amplifier we are looking for. They say it could be easily modified to a wide band amp. I am not sure what the power output is. They only say 35dB gain. Input of 18v, 55mA is according to me about 1W.
As far as I can remember every 3dB gain is doubling of power. So this could well be much over a 10W amp.
And it does not look to expensive.
3 - Motorola UHF LNA RF Amplifier 400-1100 MHz 900MHz - eBay (item 360303698465 end time Sep-30-10 13:26:46 PDT)

uhf amplifier items - Get great deals on Electronics, Business Industrial items on!

There are a large variety to choose from.
Any thoughts on this?

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