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You asked Farrah, but if ye asked me, I'd say I know Meyer, Puharich and Gray all did what the say they did, because I checked it out and am at a point I can just about put the mathematical proof behind it. However, as far as I can tell, none of them knew about the real working principle behind their systems. They were tapping their energy from the electric field and nowhere else, IMHO. And that is the opinion of someone holding a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering, for what that is worth these days.
Lamare I'm sure your degree holds you in good stead within it's given field, but where the dissociation of water is concerned, we clearly don't see eye to eye as we've already established. It would be handy if you had a degree in chemistry, because it's the chemistry here that is clearly the major stumbling block.

Meyer's depictions of what is happening at molecular level is at extreme odds to Puharich's depictions, then there's Geoge Wiseman's expanded water theory, so I guess at least we agree on one thing, that is if all the claims are true, most people did not know what reactions are taking place and hence were likely talking nonsense. And this is not to discredit anyone, just simply a statement of logic.
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